Generating for



The Sur IPP consists of a gas-fired combined cycle power facility. The power facility integrates five units of gas turbines (Siemens AG SGT5-4000F) with five triple pressure heat recovery steam generators (Nooter Eriksen) and three steam turbines (Fuji Electric) in a combined cycle configuration to achieve optimal energy production efficiency.

The plant is designed for black start operation by means of black start diesel generators which are capable of starting the plant from no power.

Technical Parameters

Capacity: Capacity of a plant is defined as the total Megawatts (MW), which can be delivered by the power plant under specific environmental conditions (site reference conditions). The original contractual capacity of Phoenix Power under the PPA is c. 2,000 MW. The actual net capacity at reference conditions in the original performance test was above 2,000 MW. This capacity is expected to decline over the period of PPA due to normal degradation of plant but is expected to remain above c.1,981.8 MW and meet contractual requirements under the PPA.

Availability: Availability is the amount of time the plant is technically capable of generating power as per specifications. As per the project agreements, Phoenix Power shall be available for 100% of time in summer and 85% of the time in winter.


Operation and Maintenance

The plant is operated and maintained throughout the term of the PPA by POMCo. POMCo is primarily responsible for plant safety, environmental compliance, availability, efficiency, power output capacities and operational cost control. POMCo operates the plant in accordance with applicable environmental laws and is responsible for operating the plant efficiently, whilst ensuring the correct spare parts are available, and that the staff is properly qualified and trained. The O&M Agreement contains provisions for incentives and penalties, at ordinary arms’ length commercial terms, to achievement of certain availability and heat rate targets.